L01 Phone Cooling Fan For Gaming PUBG


  • Model: L01
  • Input voltage /current: 5V
  • Input current: 1.5A-2A
  • Color: Black Silver
  • Compatibility: All Android Smartphone
  • Feature: Adjustable, Flexible
  • Devic


Product Description

L01 Phone Cooling Fan For Gaming PUBG | Phone Radiator | Cold Wind Handle Fan L01 | For PUBG Phone Cooler

  • Best cooling radiator fan for gaming.
  • A Powerful heat sink cooling fan prevents the phone from overheating while playing the game console, extending the life of the phone
  • Water-cooled radiator compared with other coolers, this radiator game can be used for half an hour and can cool 10~30°C.It can effectively solve the problem of fever or power failure when using a phone.
  • Applicable to all models of Android phones. Play a variety of games without worrying about fever.
  • The cooling radiator is powerful and equipped with a 1.5m USB data cable.
  • Lightweight and convenient, silicone mat on the edge of the cooler.
  • Firmly absorb the phone to avoid the phonefalling off and scratching.

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