New Iw7 Series 7 45mm NFC Watch With Wireless Charging Smart Watch

Iw7 Smart Watch 45mm Size For Apple Watch Men Bluetooth Call 1.75 Inch Screen

  •  Both Button Working
  •  Super HD Display
  •  Lag Free Smooth Menu
  •  Wireless Charging
  •  Built in GAMES
  •  Support Bluetooth Calling,
  •  Body Temperature Test,
  •  Heart Rate, BP & ECG, Steps,
  •  Fruit Watch 7 Size, 45mm Changeable Band,
  •  Smart Beehive Style Menu,
  •  The Nine Box Menu,
  •  IP68 Waterproof



Product Description


Product Name: iw7 smart Watch

Body size: 44mm * 37.5mm * 10.6mm

Body material: zinc alloy

Strap material: liquid silica gel

Battery capacity: 200MAH

BT: BT3 0+5.2


[Function introduction] 

Call record: the call record at the watch end can be displayed. Click the phone number to dial.

Temperature: displays the current body temperature (the normal body temperature is 36 ~ 37 “C)

Calculator: can perform numerical calculations 8 Calendar: View calendar

Alarm: you can customize the alarm clock. Long press to delete the alarm clock

Style: you can set or change the UI style Siri: press and hold to realize remote control

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Red