New Iw7 Series 7 45mm NFC Watch With Wireless Charging Smart Watch

Iw7 Smart Watch 45mm Size For Apple Watch Men Bluetooth Call 1.75 Inch Screen

  •  Both Button Working
  •  Super HD Display
  •  Lag Free Smooth Menu
  •  Wireless Charging
  •  Built in GAMES
  •  Support Bluetooth Calling,
  •  Body Temperature Test,
  •  Heart Rate, BP & ECG, Steps,
  •  Fruit Watch 7 Size, 45mm Changeable Band,
  •  Smart Beehive Style Menu,
  •  The Nine Box Menu,
  •  IP68 Waterproof



Product Description


Product Name: iw7 smart Watch

Body size: 44mm * 37.5mm * 10.6mm

Body material: zinc alloy

Strap material: liquid silica gel

Battery capacity: 200MAH

BT: BT3 0+5.2

Supporting system: Android 5.0 or IOS 9.0 or above

Supported languages: English, simplified Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, polish, Spanish, French, Greek, Persian Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Filipino, Arabic, Hebrew, Finnish, Ukrainian

[Function introduction]

Dial up: connect the mobile phone and dial out with Bluetooth, and you can call at the watch end.

Contact: you can add a contact in the app. After the contact is uccesfully added, the watch phone book will be displayed synchronously. Click the contact in the phone book to make a call (Note: the watch needs to be connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth)

Call record: the call record at the watch end can be displayed. Click the phone number to dial.

Temperature: displays the current body temperature (the normal body temperature is 36 ~ 37 “C)

BT photographing: when the mobile phone is not in the locked screen state and the app interface is opened, the watch enters the Bluetooth photographing, the mobile phone enters the photographing interface, the watch clicks to take photos, the mobile phone will take photos and store the photos to the mobile phone

BT Music: it can control the music playing in the mobile phone, “+”, “-” to adjust the volume

Settins: including time settig, profile, brightness, language settigi password lock, sidebar, restoring factory sttigs, about this machine Find a mobile phone: when the watch is connected to the mobile phone, click the “start” button, the mobile phone will ring and pop up a prompt box

Information: message push content can be displayed, such as SMS, QQ wechat, etc. (SMS reminder will be blocked by default in systems above ios12).

Sports: 1 Enter the sports mode (running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, indoor running) selection interface, and click again to start the corresponding sports mode data monitoring: sports time,

distance, calories consumed and heart rate data

2. Record: record all motion data

Pedometer: count the step counting data of the day. Click left to view the step number record, clear the data at 00:00 a.m., or view it on

app. App can set the step number of a day to reach the standard value. When the set step number is reached, the watch will be

prompted to meet the standard

Sleep monitoring: enable sleep detection to monitor sleep quality during sleep, and view sleep duration, rapid eye movement, deep sleep, light sleep and other data

Weather: if the app is not connected, enter the weather display prompt, and the current weather temperature degree will be displayed after connecting the app

Water drinking reminder: set the water drinking reminder time. When the time is up, the watch will have an interface prompt icon Stopwatch: start and end timing

Calculator: can perform numerical calculations 8 Calendar: View calendar

Alarm: you can customize the alarm clock. Long press to delete the alarm clock

Style: you can set or change the UI style Siri: press and hold to realize remote control

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Red

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